Yes Let’s



Yes Let’s

Card Activities, Creativity, Engagement, Joy, SEL, Social Awareness

ULEAD Deck(s):

ULEAD Classic
ULEAD Junior

Card Element:

Emotion, Action, Animal

Great For:

Creativity, Engagement, Joy


SEL Category*:

Social Awareness



Pick a song to play for a dance party! Everyone has a card. Teach the signals: Each person looks at their card and combines the Emotion, Animal, and Action in their head. When someone is ready, they shout out, “Let’s do the angry chicken slide!” which they start acting out (dancing) and the music comes on. The entire group shouts, “Yes, Let’s!” and begins emulating the dancer. As facilitator, you let this go on for 10 seconds then stop the music. Wait until the next person shouts out their dance move and begins dancing, then the process repeats.

For Example:

Person 1: “Let’s do the Grateful Dog Clap!” Entire Group shouts, “Yes, Lets!”


*CASEL. “CASEL’S SEL Framework: What Are the Core Competence Areas and Where Are They Promoted?” 2020.

150 150 ULEAD Staff

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