What’s Poppin?

What’s Poppin?


Hey there, what’s popping?! Okay, I’ll spare you the puns, they’re probably butter left unsaid anyway 🙂

I came across this quote that was essentially comparing the process of how popcorn is made to our lives as humans. Just like popcorn takes time to be created and to develop into the deliciousness that it is, we also take time to develop and grow into our awesome selves! The interesting thing about the popcorn process, however, is that all of the kernels are exposed to the same elements: oil, heat, etc.; but not all kernels “pop” at the same time. The quote is highlighting the fact that just like popcorn, we each need our own time to “cook” and develop. Try to not compare yourself to others. Your time to pop is coming! In the meantime, cook yourself some popcorn and enjoy the journey that you are on!

“Popcorn is prepared in the same pot, in the same heat, in the same oil and yet…the kernels do no pop at the same time. Don’t compare yourself to others. Your time to pop is coming.”

– Unknown

Kailey Paszko, Youth Program Specialist at ULEAD



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