The Van Life

The Van Life


For years I have been enamored by the concept of adventure vans. I have spent hours researching and dreaming about possible makes, models, and builds. Hoping that someday I too might have the opportunity to create the most efficient and effective vehicle build to carry my family and I on countless adventures across the country.

Now, if you are unfamiliar with the concept of an adventure van, let me share just a glimpse into the world of endless possibilities designed around making adventure travel more accessible. The appeal has grown across the country and with it so have the ideas and product lines. Options range from a fully customized build or the DIY option for those with the time and desire to save some serious cash. The concept begins with a passenger van, generally a full size but there are minivan varieties as well. Builds range from Ford Transits, Mercedes Sprinters to Nissan NVs and more. You name the automobile manufacturer and there is a good chance they have a van with unique specifications to meet your needs. Once a preferred model has been selected (and they all have their list of pros and cons to consider) then the customization begins. This is where the sky really is the limit. Do you go with the 4×4 conversion, do you add a pop top camper shell or go with a hard-sided high-top? Perhaps you want to add solar with a battery bank, or an Espar heater for those colder weather outings. Some choose the route of full bed, bath, and kitchen arrangements to accommodate extended time on the road and yet others may opt for customized storage while keeping the living arrangements limited to simply a bed, water jugs, a quality cooler and a host of adventure gear to be enlisted at every destination.

Sorry for the nerd moment, once you start down the road of customized adventure vans it is easy to get carried away. The point is, a customized adventure van is an individualized resource meant to increase the frequency, accessibility, and capability of travel and adventure experiences. When one is packed and ready to go at a moment’s notice, it becomes more difficult for those last-minute excuses to crowd in and derail your plans.

You might be wondering where I am going with all this talk about vans and accessibility to the next adventure. While I haven’t yet realized the dream of an adventure van for my family, I have been wonderfully blessed with the opportunity to become the newest member of the ULEAD team… and as such have been granted access to working in and out of the ULEAD adventure van. That’s right! A few years back, in a moment of brilliant inspiration, ULEAD purchased and customized their own van. The vision behind this build was to create a mobile team building unit stocked with all the necessary gear, ready to set out on a moment’s notice bringing the adventure to your location. With hours of thought, preparation, and organization put into our van we are able to arrive on sight at virtually any location prepared to set up a portable low ropes course and facilitate an impactful and customized learning experience for your team. While we may not have gone the route of a 4×4 conversion, bed, bath, or kitchen quite yet; we are prepared with an enormous amount of equipment ready to be professionally enlisted in helping your team discover, grow, and be inspired!

With the ULEAD adventure van, gone are the excuses of old. Can’t travel due to the global pandemic? Not enough transportation available for your entire team? Not enough time in your schedule to spend driving? No worries, we will come to you!

With all this talk of van builds and adventure being made more accessible, you may find yourself wanting to be a part of this intriguing van life movement. If so, I have good news… you can! ULEAD would be thrilled to share our adventure van and all that comes with it, send us an email or give us a call. You can also watch for our van in action! Join us in our “Where is Waldo” van hunt. Here’s how it works:
• Watch for the ULEAD van
• Take a picture of our van
• Post your picture to Facebook and tag ULEAD in the picture with the hashtag #ULEADONTHEMOVE
• When we see that we’re tagged in your picture, we’ll reach out and send you a prize!
Hope to see you on the road!

Tyler Huston – Program Architect at ULEAD

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