Positive Strength Based Training.

Your staff is constanstly bombarded with Do’s and Dont’s and constantly feel critiqued in their work. ULEAD’s PDR training breathes life into the work they do and affirms them for the great things they are currently working at. 


One option is that we can video your own staff interactios with youth. The value of this is that your team can see themselves and review their own interactions. While this may sometimes seem “scary”. ULEAD will walk your team through the process and help the understand that this isn’t a Gotcha! videotaping, but rather we are capturing them doing something great!

The Simple Interactions Framework

“Simple Interactions is a practice-based, strengths-focused, and community-driven approach to support helpers who serve children, youth, and families. For any system or community to encourage, enrich, and empower human interactions and relationships , we must have people working together in support of one another. We all have a role to play in promoting developmental interactions and relationships around children, youth, and their helpers.”

To find out more, check out the Simple Interaction web page, www.simpleinteractions.org

Relationships Matter

Trainings that impact your youth, affirm your staff, and fit your organization’s needs.