Current events have brought to light injustices many in our communities have been living with all their lives. Beyond recognition, words, or dialogue, the cries of the marginalized and oppressed call us to take action. At ULEAD we continue to seek to grow inclusion and equity in all relationships. Our hope is that the card activities shared in this newsletter open space for dialogue and a commitment to taking action that honors the inherent worth and dignity of every person.

Using ULEAD Cards to
Spark a Discussion for Justice

Spell it Out

Using the letter on the image side of the card, give participants 90 seconds to spell out as many words together as they can that represent “Justice”. For example: fairness, inclusion, mercy, love, etc. Have someone keep a list of all the words that the group comes up with. See how many words you can create in three minutes.


1. At the end of the time, read through the list of words and talk about how each word relates to the theme of justice.
2. Go deeper by sharing actions these words would require in order to be lived out.

Note: ULEAD Cards contain two full alphabets, so you can also split into two teams and give each team half of the deck.

Life Mantra

Using the quote on the card, read it and ask, “If this were my mantra for today:
How would I live differently or the same?
What would my mindset or action be toward justice?
How would I see or treat people?
What causes would I be willing to fight for?”

1. Find a partner and share your answers to these questions.
2. Write down your answers in a journal and reflect on their meaning.

Note: To assist with e-learning and aid in social distancing, we have created a digital version of the front side of our ULEAD cards. We hope it can be a useful resource for you and your team to “come together” while staying apart.

What are ULEAD Cards?

ULEAD Cards are a multi-faceted tool for educators, youth workers, and parents that have been researched and developed to be used in the classroom and beyond. There are 10 elements on each card and over 80 activities for student engagement, growing social and emotional skills, creative teaching in STEM and academics, team building, fun and more! Many of the card activity ideas have been created by educators and youth workers just like yourself, so the deck has been designed to be generative and easy to integrate into your classroom, youth center, or around your table.

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