Bekah Finch  |  June 25, 2021  

What is the greatest asset of your organization?

Here, at ULEAD, we believe people are not only the greatest asset, but the driving force of every mission, movement, or organization. As one of our core organizational values, people are a fundamental component of everything we do. We recognize the value, talent, skills, and uniqueness of all individuals and believe all people deserve to feel trusted, supported, included, special, and worthy of love and belonging, and we work to demonstrate these beliefs both internally and externally.

Within our own team we encourage free expression of ideas by creating a safe environment in which to collaborate and share. We honor individual gifts and strengths and encourage ongoing learning and growth. We provide support and affirmation as well as celebrate both individual and team wins. And in true ULEAD fashion, we include fun and play whenever possible.

We are also sure to include fun and play for our clients as we look to serve their highest priority needs. We strive to make every experience an opportunity for people to be open, honest, and vulnerable, and we enjoy giving gifts of appreciation when possible.

Above all, we aim to treat all people with respect.

Is this always easy? Simply put, no, no it’s not. Difficult situations arise due to stress, busy schedules, making assumptions, listening to respond instead of understand, aiming to always avoid conflict, a lack of patience and consistent planning, and people wanting more for less. But these challenges, nor how “difficult” a person may seem to be because of rudeness, lack of empathy, being close-minded, arrogant, insincere, or inauthentic, are no excuse to not see a person’s value or be disrespectful towards them.

So please, take a moment today to think about how you will show people the respect we all deserve and help them to understand their true value and importance in the world. And in doing so, also remember your own meaning and significance to those in your own life.


Bekah Finch, Detail Specialist at ULEAD