Make yOUR Mark

We believe athletics has the power to foster leadership, character development, and teach life lessons that will last long after the final whistle is blown. And that’s where we come in, by equipping teams with the tools to discover their gifts, grow their capacity, and inspire others. Creating an environment that enhances the student-athlete experience while also helping teams be successful. 

Goals and Outcomes 

  • Identify individual and team strengths in order to optimize potential through improved communication, trust, and collaboration.
  • Provide practical tools to help aid the team in developing goals for the season.
  • Create an environment that allows the team to collaborate on determining values.
  • Create a culture that helps teams be successful.

Make yOUR Mark Program Specs

Target audience


Athletic Teams




Program Length


2 Hours

Group Size





$295 per team







Space Requirements



Medium – Open Large Classroom, roughly 40′ X 40′, all open

Physicality Level




May include sitting, walking, brief moments of standing, or short times of movement.

Attire: No limitations, but we will be moving around a little bit.


May include longer periods of standing, longer active movement or physical challenges such as walking, running, bending, etc.

Attire: Business-casual attire or more athletic wear is appropriate if it allows for freedom of movement.