Card Activities, Communication, Problem Solving, Relationship Skills, SEL

ULEAD Deck(s):

ULEAD Classic
ULEAD Junior

Card Element:


Great For:

Communication, Problem Solving

SEL Category*:

Relationship Skills



Each person should have one card but should not show the image side of the card to anyone else. Have each person secretly look at the card number on his/her card. Inform the group that they must do the following activity without talking, making any noises, or showing their card to anyone else in the group. As a group, they must now line up in order based on their card number. Let them determine on their own which end is the largest and which is the smallest. Once they are lined up. Have each person reveal their card. Talk a bit about what worked and what didn’t. Next, have the group swap their card with at least 4 different people, thus mixing up all the cards. Run the activity again with the same instructions.

*CASEL. “CASEL’S SEL Framework: What Are the Core Competence Areas and Where Are They Promoted?” 2020.

150 150 ULEAD Staff

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