Know Your Why

Know Your Why


I’m the newbie around here. Proudly bolstering the title of “Brand Ambassador.” And while many
would comprise that title of design work, social media maintenance, and/or marketing in general
– my job really boils down to communicating the answer to two questions: Who are we? Why
are we here? And as I have sought to understand the voice of ULEAD more, I have found
myself reflecting inwards to find my own personal answers to those questions.

Who am I? Why am I here? Who am I? What’s my reason to wake up in the morning? Who am
I? Why do I continue to show up for this? What is my voice?

It’s not like I haven’t ever asked myself those questions before. I can endlessly flash back to
several moments in my childhood and adolescence where I wrestled with the same uncertainty.
Yet, the more I advocate for better messaging for the organization I work for, the more I realize
the importance of understanding my own why.

In knowing my why, I am better able to make decisions regarding tasks and opportunities that
require my time and energy. If what’s being asked of me, or if an opportunity in front of me
doesn’t align with my why, then my time and resources are better spent elsewhere.

In having a clear and articulate why, I am less likely to be thrown off by the chaos of this world.
Meaning, distractions are easily recognized as such when I can hoist them into the light of my
purpose and reason. If it does not refine me, equip me, challenge me, or catalyze me – it is not
for me.

In holding tight to my why, I am able to withstand the storms and failures as they come. Even in
the middle of really hard seasons, tremendous setbacks, and surprise heartbreaks, my why
serves as a beacon of hope and a reminder as to why I must endure on.

Understanding your why is a powerful tool in your tool box. It serves you well as you serve it. It
gets you through the seasons of monotony. It ignites your passion when you see even the
smallest of victories. It anchors you when all else seems to be vaporizing. It is your message.
Your reason. Your purpose.

So, in this time of uncertainty – where it seems like new policies, rules, and facts change almost
by the minute – I invite you to ask yourself the same questions.

Who are you? Why are you here?

When you explore those questions, and find an answer that you believe best articulates your
genuine passion and purpose, write it down. Put it in your wallet. Frame it near your desk. Write
it across your mirror. Make it as visible to you as possible.

The purpose and passion of your life is only evident by the messaging in which you live it. If
you’re not intentionally pursuing your why, then what are you communicating to the world?
Make your reasons known.

Know your why.

Aubrey Eastway, Brand Ambassador at ULEAD

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