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I’m in the club, the ULEAD Card Club that is. And I know what you’re thinking, “um, duh, you work for ULEAD, of course you belong to whatever crazy awesome club they put together!” But you may in fact be surprised to hear that my experience with ULEAD Cards is likely very similar to all of those members who do not belong to the ULEAD team. That experience goes a little something like this:

• Step 1: participate in a ULEAD card activity that takes you completely out of your comfort zone yet you find wildly entertaining, exciting, and insightful.
• Step 2: join the ULEAD Card Club to learn more about ULEAD Cards and how to utilize them.

Yep, it’s that simple. Think of ULEAD Cards as a potato chip: after your first “bite”, you’re hooked, and you can’t “eat” just one. Instead you want to experience all ULEAD Cards have to offer. And let me tell you, boy do they offer a LOT! Icebreakers- check. Increasing communication- yep. Team building activities- of course! Self-reflection- you betch-ya! The options are endless, the laughs are many, and the growth opportunities are immense.

For example, I use the cards with my teen youth group as a way to help the kids break out of their shells, share a little about themselves, and learn a new way of thinking or doing something. Whether we’re playing charades, dancing, or making up team cheers, everyone is bound to crack a smile, which, in my opinion, is a pretty magical experience for a group of teenagers who are not easily removed from their comfort zones.

I have also been known to play with the cards with my own family. My little ones enjoy the vibrant images for story-telling and the easy to distinguish icons for search and find games, while my husband and I enjoy reflecting on the card quotes.

And naturally, our team utilizes ULEAD Cards. Of course, with clients, but also internally among our group. We employ the cards to discuss how we’re feeling, share some laughs, and understand better ways of how we can work together.
So, my questions for you: “Want to join the club?”

Learn more about ULEAD Cards, purchase a deck for yourself, or sign up for the biweekly Card Club Newsletter for ongoing updates and activity examples, CLICK HERE.

Bekah Finch, Detail Specialist at ULEAD

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