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The ULEAD Card Connect is an exclusive subscription service designed to make collaborative engagement manageable anytime and anywhere.

Simply log in, search for your specific needs, print out the leader guide, and take your programs to the next level.

Lastly, ULEAD Card Connect Members can interact with other members, share experiences, activities, and ideas, and always be the first notified of new ULEAD developments and sales with private access to our exclusive Facebook Group, ULEAD Card Connect.

The ULEAD Card Connect is an auto-recurring subscription service with a monthly fee of $5.99 or an annual fee of $60

Featuring our two decks, ULEAD Original and ULEAD Junior, this service allows members to access tools and resources for a more audience-specific experience. Card Connect members receive access to our password-protected Digital Decks, creating more opportunities for collaborative experiences from any device with Internet access.

The goodness doesn’t stop there! ULEAD Card Connect also offers a uniquely designed and organized activity database that houses deck specific activities based on distinct purposes such as, Social and Emotional Learning, STEM and Academic Skills, Team Building, Engagement and Fun, and more.

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