Card Element:

Full Color Image

Group Size:


Estimated Time:

2-4 minutes per person

5-15 minutes total, depending on group size

Great For:

Experiencing the Power of Gratitude

Social Emotions Skills – Relationship Management

Team Development -Authenticity and Trust



Hand out a card to every participant, or lay cards out on table or floor with the image facing up and have everyone choose a card. Once they have a card, have everyone find a partner.


Using the full color image on the card, describe to your partner someone you are grateful for. Use the picture as a metaphor to describe a gift they have, a trait or quality they exhibit, or something about who they are as a person and how they impact your life.

For Example:

“I am grateful for my friend Tom who has such a creative mind and colorful, joyful approach to life. His openness and vision are a source of inspiration in my life.”

Reflection Possibilities:

Have people reflect on the power of gratitude
1. What did you notice?
2. Does it happen in life that expressing gratitude impacts your mood or emotions?
3. Why does this happen?
4. What can you take from this experience about how you express gratitude in life?


  • This is often done as a partner activity, but could be done as a small group or team.
  • Address gratitude toward anyone in your life.
  • Address gratitude for your partner or for a quality you experience in your team.
  • Switch partners and cards. Now using the new card, use it to focus on another person, or another quality of the same person that you are grateful for.
  • Reach out (Call, email, write them a letter) to that person and express your gratitude.

Watch Ritch demonstrate this activity!