Card Element:

Full color image

Group Size:


Estimated Time:


Great For:

Team Development, Icebreakers, Social Emotional Learning



Have each person take one card. This works best in pairs or groups of 8 or less people and can easily work in a small space.



Have the participant look at their card and try to identify an item on the full color image that sparks a memory for them. They don’t have to be specific but can they use that image to direct themselves towards a memory that they are willing to share with their partner or the group. Go around and give everyone a chance to share. If you have time and the group would be comfortable enough, allow people to ask questions about their memory.

For Example:

I remember the first time I planted a garden.

Reflection Possibilities:

  • Why is it important to remember things?
  • How do our memories impact who we are?
  • How can the stories of past help others get to know us better?


  • Instead of a memory, use the image to create a wish. “Someday, I hope to…” How could that image represent something they might want to do in the future and why is that a dream/goal?
  • Use as a writing prompt for journaling. Write about a memory that was sparked by the image.

Watch Ritch demonstrate this activity!