How Do You Relate?

How Do You Relate?


Anyone who has participated in a ULEAD experience knows that they are highly interactive. They invite conversation, promote teamwork, bring you out of your comfort zone, induce laughter, and (hopefully) provoke new ideas or ways of thinking. In order for this growth to take place though, something has to be done other than simply taking part in the experience—there must be a time of reflection. Reflection is what allows an experience to become a learning opportunity. Without reflection, an experience is simply just an experience.

We believe there is value to be found in any experience, so we put together an activity to help you reflect on a situation through the use of visual images. Through self-reflection, you will gain a better understanding of your current thoughts, attitudes, feelings, or habits and turn your experiences into an opportunity to learn more about yourself.

This activity— “How Do You Relate?”—uses our ULEAD facilitation cards. Don’t have a deck? Don’t worry! Click HERE for a downloadable resource that contains a variety of card images as well as written instructions.

Once you have your cards handy, spread them out (or scroll through the images) and choose a card that reflects your current life experience. Maybe it’s related to your mood, an activity you’re participating in, something you’re struggling with, or one of your passions. Take time to think about how the image captures this characteristic and then write down (or type next to the digital image) your reflection. By writing them, you are making your thoughts concrete. This will also help you to do the next part of the activity—sharing your reflection with someone else. Contact a friend, coworker, family member, (or us!) and let them know about the activity. Share the image you chose and how it relates to you. Talk through your thoughts and build a stronger connection to that person by being open and honest with them about your self-reflection. Then, encourage them to take part in the activity and do the same with you!

Check out this video to see an example of how Bekah uses this activity to do a little self-reflecting of her own:


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