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Using ULEAD Cards to Discover Gratitude’s Power to Combat Anxiety & Stress

How often do we spare a minute to be thankful for what we have in this very moment? In positive psychology, gratitude is the human way of acknowledging the good things in life. And as it turns out, the benefits of gratitude are far greater than a slight bump in happiness. Research overwhelmingly supports that practicing gratitude on a regular basis has significant and long-lasting benefits including: reduction of stress, increase in emotional resilience, and overall strengthened sense of well-being.

Take time to grow and share gratitude with those around you.
Get started with the following activities:





“I Remember When…”

Choose a Picture Element on the cards and share a life experience that you are reminded of that you are grateful for.


For further instructions:

I Remember When…

Example: “This picture reminds me of a family vacation last summer on Lake Michigan. The warmth, the beautiful blue water, the sugary sand on the beach, and the great time we had as a family. I am grateful for this special time and the memories that were made.”

What to see this activity in action? WATCH HERE 

“I’m Grateful for You”

Using the Picture Element, reach out to someone you are grateful for. Use the picture as a metaphor to describe a gift they have, a trait or quality they exhibit, or something about who they are as a person and how they impact your life.


For further instructions:

I’m Grateful for You

Example: “I am grateful for my friend Tom who has such a creative mind and colorful, joyful approach to life. His openness and vision are a source of inspiration in my life.”

To see this activity in action: WATCH HERE

What are ULEAD Cards?

ULEAD Cards are a multi-faceted tool for educators, youth workers, and parents that have been researched and developed to be used in the classroom and beyond. There are 10 elements on each card and over 80 activities for student engagement, growing social and emotional skills, creative teaching in STEM and academics, team building, fun and more! Many of the card activity ideas have been created by educators and youth workers just like yourself, so the deck has been designed to be generative and easy to integrate into your classroom, youth center, or around your table.

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