True Colors® Student Team Building

Students will grow self-awareness as they discover their personality strengths, joys, values, weaknesses, stressors, and concerns. Tools for immediate application will be give to enhance peer relationships, social bonding, and inclusion.

Creating a Colorful Culture - Youth

True Colors® Student Workshop

Understanding one’s own personality type and the way it relates to others is a critical tool in creating a healthy social environment. Personalities impact the way we interact with our peers and interact with each other. However, when multiple personalities interact they can also become divisive.

Through our interactive workshop and the True Colors® Personality Assesment Tool, youth will gain insight and understanding of how they interact with each other in ways that promote community and support.

We’ll provide your youth with insight into the motivations, actions, and communication approaches that help them better connect with each other. ULEAD’s leadership training offers space for laughter and discussion. Your youth will leave feeling encouraged and empowered to create a community that better understands each other.

True Colors Student Team Building

Target audience


Program Length

3 Hours

Group Size

10 – 75


$750 + $12 per person (plus mileage)

Delivery Format


DOE Standards


ULEAD Outputs

Personality Assessment


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