Team Challenge & Climbing Experience

Space Between

Space Between

In this program, your group will face fun challenges both on the ground and in the air. The courses encourage individuals and teams to discover strengths they didn’t know they had. It also creates an opportunity to celebrate the skills of those on your team. Our extensive outdoor low ropes course is complemented with an indoor climbing arena that not only will keep you warm and dry but challenge your team with a variety of elements.

The challenge course offers several different ropes course elements:

  • 30 ft. Indoor Rock Climbing Wall
  • 30 ft. Indoor 12 elements Static Course
  • Indoor Giants Ladder
  • Wild Woozy
  • Leap Platform
  • Swinging Log
  • Tension Traverse
  • Whale Watch
  • All Aboard
  • Trolleys
  • Mohawk Walk

Outcome / Goals

The low ropes and high-rope challenge courses provide an opportunity for your team to participate in an experience where everyone starts with an equal level of knowledge about the given task. The novelty requires people to create team process skills to complete the task successfully.

The challenge of the new experience requires the team to collaborate and work together in close proximity, which helps to develop or deepen relationships quickly.

Team Challenge & Climbing Experience

Experience Specs

Target audience

Youth Worker, Educators
Youth Worker, Educators
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Program Length

6 Hours

Group Size

10 – 20


$2,600 (starting)
Includes 3 ULEAD facilitators and supply costs



Quaker Haven Camp or Pierceton Woods

Pierceton Woods

Space Requirements

Large (ULEAD Facility)
Large (ULEAD Facility)

Physicality Level

Moderate - High
May include longer periods of standing, longer active movement or physical challenges such as walking, running, bending, etc.

Attire: Business-casual attire or more athletic wear is appropriate if it allows for freedom of movement.

May include high levels of movement including but not limited to running, lifting, balance, climbing, etc.

Attire: Comfortable, appropriate, athletic wear and closed-toed shoes that allow for full movement highly suggested.


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