Leadership Immersion in the Nonprofit Community

Diane Woodworth, Superintendent, Goshen Community Schools

It is my belief that young people that are nurtured by our community via this program will definitely be willing to give back to us all as the years roll forward.

Kevin Deary, President, Boys & Girls Clubs of Elkhart County

It is important that we engage today’s young people in all facets of community involvement. It is they, not us, who will inherit the privilege and responsibility of community leadership.

Barb Hassan, Former Board Chair, Goshen Nonprofit

Our youth have a place and a role in community building. Their voices, when channeled through nonprofit boards, can make our community shine!

StudentLINC (Leadership Immersion in the Nonprofit Community)

Welcome to StudentLINC! A leadership development program connecting high school juniors with non-profit boards and practical leadership workshops. StudentLINC offers leadership training in a highly engaging, and practical way and challenges youth to put their voices in action by serving as youth advisors on influential nonprofit boards in their community.

StudentLINC is an intensive program that combines information, engagement, and experience in a new way. Utilizing our L3 curriculum, students will engage with training on character development, leadership principles, personality temperament, communication, conflict management, board responsibilities, and much, much more! Students will then match up with a participating nonprofit board for a year of service as a youth advisor.

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StudentLINC Nonprofit Partners

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Center for Healing & Hope

Downtown Goshen Inc.

Goshen Interfaith Hospitality Network


With StudentLINC I will…

… receive high-end leadership training to strengthen my leadership skills and potential.

… join like-minded peers in shaping my community.

… develop valuable connections with key leaders from my community, local businesses, and influential nonprofits.

… build my resume for my next journey in life.

StudentLINC (Leadership Immersion in the Nonprofit Community)


Experience Specs

Target audience



High school Juniors and Seniors


Program Length


1 Full School Year

1 opening retreat and 1 closing retreat

5 all-day Leadership Workshops

Attendance at local nonprofit board meetings

Group Size


6 – 10 Local Students




The primary cost of StudentLINC is supported through our generous donors, however, we invite each student to “buy-in” to the program with a nominal fee. However, if you feel this fee could be prohibitive to your participation, please talk to us and we can figure out a way to not let the money stop you from being a part of the program.



Goshen, Indiana

While we have big dreams for StudentLINC, the 2018-19 program will only be run in Goshen. If you would be interested in seeing a program like this in your area, reach out to us and we would love to have a conversation.

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