Leader Jam


Leader Jam

In this high energy, competitive team experience, teams compete in a variety of games that require communication and collaboration using the unique gifts of all team members.

Points will be awarded for passion, team interaction, and completion of challenge.

Outcome / Goals

Youth and adults will increase practical skills for leadership and teamwork. The skills included in these exercises include


  1. Collaboration: Learn to embrace a diversity of gifts, strengthen communication, establish a basis for commitment and working together.
  2. Inspiration: Create a shared vision for your team.
  3. Self-awareness: Grow confidence by understanding and appreciating various leadership styles.
  4. Character development: Develop awareness and appreciation for team-member personality differences.
Leader Jam


Experience Specs

Target audience

Youth, Youth Worker/Educator

Youth, Youth Worker/Educator

Program Length

2 Hours

Group Size

20 – 100



Includes 2-3 ULEAD facilitators, supply costs, and mileage




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Space Requirements


Basketball Court Size: Roughly 50′ X 100′

Physicality Level



May include sitting, walking, brief moments of standing, or short times of movement.

Attire: No limitations, but we will be moving around a little bit.


May include longer periods of standing, longer active movement or physical challenges such as walking, running, bending, etc.

Attire: Business-casual attire or more athletic wear is appropriate if it allows for freedom of movement.


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