Developmental Relationships



This in-depth professional development training will immerse your team in the best practices towards develponing impactful relationships to get the most out of their everyday interactions. 

At the heart of every successful program for children and youth, whether in a classroom or at a campground, is a strong, healthy relationship. Positive relationships between adults and children not only keep programs running smoothly but offer moments that create lasting impact in the lives of young people. These relationships also establish a solid base for children to grow mentally, physically, socially, and emotionally.

ULEAD’s Developmental Relationships trainings utilize the Simple Interactions framework to help adults better understand their own relationships with children while creating intentional ways to apply the framework to their own unique context. Our trainings are built to be both practical and participatory to make sure your staff will be engaged in ways that allow them to co-created their learning, rather than just being presented to them.

The Simple Interactions framework is housed at the Fred Rogers Center and is dedicated to helping adults become more mindful of their everyday interactions with youth. A strength-based approach that values stories, Simple Interactions challenges youth workers, childcare providers, and educators to focus on the developmental engagements with the children and youth in their care.

For professional development trainings utilizing the Simple Interactions framework and video review, please reach out directly to Ben Rheinheimer, 

Outcome / Goals

  1. Staff gain an in-depth knowledge of each Simple Interaction dimension and its application for their work.
  2. Staff recognize and acknowledge relationship developing practices in their own work.
  3. Staff interact with team members, acknowledging and affirming each others relational work.
  4. Youth experience staff focused on building intentional relationships.
  5. Management receive ongoing tools and resources to sustain learning.

ULEADs Developmental Relationships Video Training is based around the Simple Interactions framework which is broken down into four easily accessible and highly adaptable dimensions.

    • Connection
      • Interacting with mutually positive or appropriate emotions.
    • Reciprocity
      • Balancing roles of engagement during joint activity.
    • Inclusion
      • Inviting and involving children who are the least likely or least able to engage.
    • Opportunity to Grow
      • Presenting incremental challenge and matching with appropriate support.

    Meaningful Relationships Workshops

    Experience Specs

    Target audience


    Youth Worker, Educators, Youth Serving Organizations

    Any adult that works or interacts with children and youth.

    Program Length


    8+ Hours (depending on training needs and desired outcomes)

    Group Size


    6-30 (call for sizes outside of this range)



    Video Training Package begin at $1600 depending on staffing size, objectives desired, and total time.

    Cost includes

    Cost covers video recording and editing, all training time,  training materials, and follow up resources.



    On-site at your location


    Space Requirements

    Classroom-size: Roughly 40’x40′ — with tables pushed aside

    Physicality Level

    May include sitting, walking, brief moments of standing, or short times of movement.

    Attire: No limitations, but we will be moving around a little bit.


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