Climb & Soar!

Ascend to New Heights (Basic),
Year-Round Option

Indoor Climbing

When you choose this climbing wall experience, your team will learn technical skills of climbing and belaying. In addition, they will spend time developing trust with teammates, practice communication skills, and work through positive goal-setting.

Whether at Quaker Haven or Pierceton Woods your team will have the opportunity to overcome individual and group challenges while tackling the indoor climbing wall at either location.

Outcome / Goals

Physical team building activities reveal the collective skills within the team and the group learns new ways of working together.

Group activities are useful tools to break down barriers between individuals.

By participating and working as a team, people who are not used to working together get a chance to collaborate.

Climb & Soar!

Experience Specs

Target audience

Youth Worker, Educators
Youth Worker, Educators
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Program Length

4 Hours

Group Size

10 – 30


$1,600 (starting)
Includes 2+ ULEAD facilitators



Quaker Haven Camp

Pierceton Woods or Quaker Haven

Space Requirements

Large (ULEAD Facility)
Large (ULEAD Facility)

Physicality Level

May include high levels of movement including but not limited to running, lifting, balance, climbing, etc.

Attire: Comfortable, appropriate, athletic wear and closed-toed shoes that allow for full movement highly suggested.


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