Bekah Finch  April 9, 2020 


“Closed.” It’s a word we’re hearing a lot right now. Schools, businesses, churches, libraries, museums, zoos… Many of the places we want to visit are unable to welcome us at this time. The beauty in these closures however, is that they help to show us the things that can never be closed. Even though these physical places may not be open, the essence of each can never be taken away from us.

Students cannot walk into a school, but they still have the ability to learn. As our amazing educators are showing us, learning does not only happen in the classroom. Our education is not only a result of our schooling, but of all of our life experiences. The difficulties of our current time are another opportunity from which we can learn.

Employers may not allow us to come into the office, but many of us are still fortunate enough to work from home. We are putting in the hours, the energy, and the brain power to accomplish the tasks we need to complete. Whether or not we have a job right now, we are all working hard to do whatever it takes to provide for ourselves and our loved ones.

Places of worship may be closed to the public, but we are still free to practice our faith. Meditation, prayer, singing, reading, reflection—these can all be done at home.

Entertainment venues have cancelled events and tourist attractions are closed to visitors, but through technology, we can still experience the extraordinary world around us. We can go on virtual field trips to see animals in Africa, listen to concerts on our couch, and hear our favorite celebrity read us a bedtime story.

The world is a very different place right now, but different does not mean bad. It’s interesting that all of this is happening during spring—a time of growth and new beginnings. So, let’s look at these challenges as an opportunity for growth—an opportunity to learn, to work hard, to practice self-care, to help others, to experience new things, to have fun, and most importantly, to keep our minds and our hearts open.



Bekah Finch, Detail Specialist at ULEAD



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