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Movement and Learning

Through research and practice, ULEAD understands the most effective, long-lasting learning comes from a combination of mental and physical activity. 

ULEAD’s Experiences may help determine strong points in an individual’s personality, such as leadership skills. This can benefit the individual by giving them the opportunity to progress to their full potential as they highlight their strengths.

Realizing individual potential is a vital part of sustaining a commitment (whether vocational or recreational). Feeling worthwhile, worthy, appreciated, part of a team, and having a sense of achievement are essential elements to happiness. These feelings can motivate a team and ensure they are at their most productive, and in turn, this attitude will motivate their peers or colleagues.

Because happy people are more likely to be productive, organizations often find that team-building events positively affect the productivity of individuals, teams and the organization as a whole.

A typical ULEAD experience may include interactive games, conversations and sometimes — physical activities — like challenge courses or climbing walls.

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