Guiding Principles of ULEAD

ULEAD’s training and methodology is grounded in Experiential Learning practices. Our leadership training is based on Servant Leadership principles. ULEAD believes in the positive potential that comes from leaders dedicated to self-awareness and equipping others to perform at their highest level. ULEAD also believes that mastery of these principles offers the greatest potential for lasting individual and organizational success.

ULEAD incorporates the following foundational concepts:

• Healthy Communication •

Servant leadership emphasizes importance of listening and mindfulness in all communication. ULEAD helps participants develop the skills they need to demonstrate understanding of others around them: giving others your full attention, noticing body language, avoiding interruptions and providing feedback.

• Collaboration •

A Servant-Leader builds relationships, embraces diversity and is the creator of a culture of collaboration. ULEAD works with teams and individuals to develop collaboration skills and techniques including 1) Recognizing the contributions of others 2) Building caring, supportive teams, 3) Developing a positive rapport while acknowledging cultural, value and background differences 4) Neutralizing disagreements respectfully, diplomatically, and constructively.

• Self-Awareness and Efficacy •

Servant leadership emphasizes self-reflection and deep consideration of emotions, behavior and the effect on others. ULEAD guides participants to become more self-aware by knowing personal strengths and weaknesses and asking for other’s feedback. ULEAD is committed to help participants learn how to manage emotions, so they consider how actions and behavior might affect others.

• Respect and Trust •

The defining outcome of the servant leader is trust. The level and quality of trust drives individual and team success. ULEAD teaches groups how to cultivate a culture of trust, often starting by learning to feel what another person is experiencing. ULEAD provides activities that teach one to place oneself in another’s position.

• Strengthening Community •

Servant leaders inspire others to work together toward a common goal. ULEAD helps participants learn how to build relationships and community in fun, meaningful ways. ULEAD encourages people to take individual responsibility while contributing to the success and overall objectives of their group.

• Creative Problem Solving •

Servant-Leaders learn how to collectively find information, generate ideas, evaluate potential and implement a collaborative solution. ULEAD helps participants develop creative problem solving skills through team building exercises. ULEAD will teach participants how to build consensus in groups. ULEAD will help participants utilize persuasion — rather than authority — to encourage people to take action. Beyond that, ULEAD can teach participants how to help others find value and purpose in their roles.

ULEAD History

ULEAD was founded in 1999 at the Oakwood Park Resort in Syracuse, Indiana. At that time, the organization offered week-long camps and learning experiences to grow character, skills, spirituality, and youth leadership. For more than a decade, the organization provided fun and motivational camp activities for area youth.

In 2009, the organization expanded its mission to include adults, groups, and teams. ULEAD also began to incorporate an evidence-based training model, Leadership3, built upon the foundation of servant leadership to strengthen team-building effectiveness.

Today, ULEAD continues its original mission to support youth development along with training for adult educators and caregivers. In place of camps, we now offer flexible experiences that can range from a few hours to multi-day events. While we still have physical facilities for retreats, camps, or day-long experiences, we find the adaptability of providing on-site activities enables more participants to benefit from our training.

Looking ahead, we want to continue to expand our flexible training services. We’re rooted in Northern Indiana with facilitators throughout the state and region. In the coming years, we look forward to meeting and supporting youth and youth-workers throughout the Great Lakes region.

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