Emotional LYFT



Emotional LYFT

Card Activities, Engagement, Joy, SEL, Social Awareness

ULEAD Deck(s):

ULEAD Classic
ULEAD Junior

Card Element:


Great For:

Engagement, Joy


SEL Category*:

Social Awareness


Divide into teams of at least 3 and assign someone as the team “recorder”. Show the image side of a card and allow teams 3 minutes to come up with as many adjectives related to the image as possible. After the time is up, each team presents the words they came up with. Keep score by crossing off words another team had and gaining a point for each word no other team thought of.

For Example:

Driver (Anger) I hate this traffic! Why do people not know how to drive? This road is horrible! Passenger (joy) I love this day! And I love riding in this car/van. Everything feels like spring- fresh air, flowers! Driver’s emotional change: I guess it’s not so bad. The bumps in the road actually make my belly giggle. I kinda feel like dancing.


*CASEL. “CASEL’S SEL Framework: What Are the Core Competence Areas and Where Are They Promoted?” 2020. https://casel.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/CASEL-SEL-Framework-11.2020.pdf

150 150 ULEAD Staff

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