Chicken Baseball



Chicken Baseball

Card Activities, Engagement, Joy, Relationship Skills, SEL

ULEAD Deck(s):

ULEAD Classic
ULEAD Junior

Card Element:


Great For:

Engagement, Joy


SEL Category*:

Relationship Skills


You will need one “tossable” ball, football, or frisbee (soft preferred), and a stack of 1/2 deck of ULEAD Cards per team. Split group into team 1 & 2 and assign Captains. First give instructions for Chicken Baseball. Instructions: Team will “bat” by throwing the object across the room or field. Immediately after “batting” this team will try to guess (Charade style) the icon on the card (that their team captain is holding to their forehead). Once the team captain guesses the icon, they pull another card from the stack they are holding and put it to their forehead. Team 1 continues to guess icons until team 2 bats. Team 2, in the meantime, runs to the ball immediately after team 1 bats. They assemble themselves in a single file line and pass the object over/under (head/between legs) through the entire team. As soon as ball reaches last person they “bat” and immediately try to get their team captain to guess icons from their card stack. They continue to guess until team one “fields” the hit and the process repeats until a certain score is reached and/or total exhaustion sets in. Total the number of “runs” scored for each team – the number of icons guessed.

*CASEL. “CASEL’S SEL Framework: What Are the Core Competence Areas and Where Are They Promoted?” 2020.

150 150 ULEAD Staff

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