Get your team talking with a tool that is as fun as it is useful. Whether you’re developing SEL skills in the classroom, team bonding in the conference room, or laughter in the family room, ULEAD Cards are the perfect fit.


While we are willing to work with your team to create an experience that meets your needs, we also have several programs ready to deliver to you today. Let us find the program that is right for you.


We believe the world’s greatest change agents are people of character who empower others. Help our mission to create a revolution of servant leaders by donating to ULEAD.

Who We Are

ULEAD brings dynamic team building training to youth, youth workers, educators and youth-serving organizations to support leadership development, strengthen individual skills and build cohesive, effective communities and teams.

The world’s greatest change agents are people of character who empower others. We want to help youth and caring adults change the world.

Play is Key

ULEAD designs activities and training methods to help people think, engage, move and retain what they learn. Our activities are fun and motivational. ULEAD trainings foster a lighthearted, safe platform outside the bounds of daily tasks for people to revisit group existing dynamics in a new way. A typical ULEAD experience may include interactive games, conversations and sometimes — physical activities — like challenge courses or climbing walls.

At the end of the day, if we haven’t helped you crack a smile (or two) while learning, we haven’t done our job. We joke pretty hard to make sure we see smiles all around.

Laughter is Key
Feeling worthwhile, worthy, appreciated, part of a team, and having a sense of achievement are essential elements to happiness.

Top 5 List

Here are five of our favorite training areas:

Self Awareness

ULEAD helps people understand how to utilize their gifts and strengths to achieve their individual potential.


ULEAD trains both young and old to engage with and empower others.

Team Building

ULEAD strives to connect teams through fostering healthy relationships based on healthy communication and trust.

Youth Development

ULEAD designs trainings to develop leadership and character in youth and to strengthen the organizations and educators who work with them.

Movement and Play

ULEAD designs games, activities, and training tools to help youth and adults think, move, and retain what they learn.

Options Galore

We understand that your time is limited and valuable. So, we deliver creative resources in multiple ways. ULEAD can come right to your door or provide experiences at our specialized facilities.

Our practical, highly-engaging, targeted training has demonstrated success in developing leadership skills and building cohesive, effective teams for more than 20 years.

Specialty Areas

  • After-School Youth Programs
  • Youth Camps
  • Faith-Based Youth Groups
  • Youth Sports Teams
  • Youth Workers
  • Educators
  • Schools

Discover. Grow. Inspire.

Find the right ULEAD experience to strengthen your group or team.

Meet The ULEAD Team

Ritch Hochstetler

“What’s your story?”

Brandy Damron

“Merry-go-round or roller coaster?”

Ben Rheinheimer

“Where’s your next adventure taking you?”

Kailey Paszko

“If one thing could define you as a person, what would it be?”

Denise Draper

“What would you do if you knew you could not fail?”

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