Leadership Immersion in the Nonprofit Community.
StudentLINC (Leadership Immersion in the Nonprofit Community)
StudentLINC connects high school juniors with non-profit boards through advisor roles and direct servant leadership training. Through this one-year immersion program, participants will

The program includes a combination of instruction outside the board as well as placement and interaction on a local board.

ULEAD provides training to students on character development, leadership, personality temperament, communication, conflict management, philanthropy, board roles and responsibilities, community needs, volunteering. ULEAD will place students with a participating nonprofit board for a year of service as a student liaison.

Outcome / Goals

  1. Increase leadership potential.
  2. Be an active part of a nonprofit board.
  3. Connect with other leaders
StudentLINC (Leadership Immersion in the Nonprofit Community)


Experience Specs

Target audience

High school juniors

Program Length

Junior Year

Group Size

8 Local Students



Most of StudentLINC is supported through our generous donors however, we invite each student to "buy-in" into the program with a nominal fee. However, if you think this fee will be prohibitive to your experience, please talk to us and we can figure out a way to not let the money stop you from being a part of the program.


Goshen, Indiana

While we have big dreams for StudentLINC, the 2018-19 program will only be run in Goshen. If you would be interested in seeing a program like this in your area, reach out to us and we would love to have a conversation.


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