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We’ve researched and developed this specialized deck of cards to serve as a tool for engaging your group and building connections.

They’re great for quick conversation starters or in-depth team building challenges. ULEAD cards also provide useful tools for social and emotional learning exercises.

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Endless Possibilities

ULEAD cards help you facilitate workshops, run group activities, or just have some fun with friends or family. Use the cards to energize a group, generate participation, manage change and overcome resistance, and ultimately inspire and motivate teams.

Try These Game Ideas

Picture Metaphor

Hand a card to each person. Have them pair up with someone else and use the image on the front of the card as a metaphor for something they expect to experience or have experienced that day. For example: “This small plant start is how I feel about my new job…it is full of potential but I also feel vulnerable.” Have them share with their partners.

You can continue the activity by having them switch partners or pick a new card.

This activity can also be done in a group setting where they share with their metaphor with the whole group.

Group Storytelling

Have each person take a card. Have them keep their icon hidden, and circle up in a group. The person with the lowest number card begins a group story with each person contributing one sentence of the story at a time. The sentences should be fairly logical to the progression of the story.

Continue around the circle for five rounds and at some point during the story each person must incorporate their icon into one of their sentences. At the end of the story see if the group can identify each person’s icon.

Question Time

Have each person choose a card from the deck and find a partner. Have them take turns answering the question on their card. When both people have finished sharing instruct them to switch cards, find a new partner, and answer the new question.

Optional: Have each person share the most interesting answer they heard from a partner? Why did they find it interesting? Have each person share a new fact or insight they learned about a partner, why was it new or insightful?

Agree or Disagree

Have your group pair off. Instruct one partner to read the quote on their card to the other partner and then discuss the following questions:

  • What does this quote mean to you?
  • Do you agree or disagree with the quote and why?
  • Would you reword the quote or say anything differently?

When finished instruct the second partner to do the same. If time allows, have them switch partners and do the activity again.


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