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ULEAD Board of Directors

Back row, left to right: Ritch Hochstetler, Zach Gillis, Jason Barahona, Kelley Sheiss, Josh Finch, Chris Good, Phil Thomas
Front row, left to right: Crystal Davis, Kristie Cerling, Gabriella Klopfenstein, Diane Woodworth, Darcia Narvaez

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Jerry Glashagel

Jerry Glashagel, Chair

Retired YMCA Executive

I grew up in an entrepreneurial family where we valued curiosity, initiative, teamwork and community.
For 50 years I’ve had the good fortune to be able to work with great people in the non-profit and business communities in the USA, India and Russia. Together we’ve learned to listen first and to lead by serving.

Teachers and students at the University of Illinois, Yale Divinity School, and Cal Tech were my early models and friends. The YMCA of the USA, United Church of Christ, Edgemark Bank group, Global Edge, West Suburban Mental Health Association, Weeping Willow Ranch and the Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership all provided challenges that helped broaden my perspectives and enrich my understanding of and commitment to relationships.

In retirement, I am privileged to be able to be involved three great causes including the University Y in Champaign/Urbana, the YMCAs in Liberia and Sierra Leone, and ULEAD!

Dr. Darcia Narvaez

Dr. Darcia Narvaez

Professor of Psychology, Notre Dame

Dr. Narvaez’s prior careers include professional musician, classroom music teacher, business owner, seminarian and middle school Spanish teacher.
Dr. Narvaez’s current research explores how early life experience influences societal culture and moral character in children and adults. She integrates neurobiological, clinical, developmental and education sciences in her theories and research about moral development. She publishes extensively on moral development, parenting and education.

Recently she has been studying the Evolved Developmental Niche (nest) and how it influences moral development, moral capacities and preferences. She hosts interdisciplinary conferences at the University of Notre Dame regarding evolution, early experience, and flourishing. In September, 2016, she hosts a conference on Sustainable Wisdom: Integrating Indigenous KnowHow for Global Flourishing. She is the author or editor of dozens of books, chapters and articles. One of her recent books, Neurobiology and the Development of Human Morality: Evolution, Culture and Wisdom (2014), won the 2015 William James Book Award from the American Psychological Association and from the American Education Research Association’s Moral Development and Education SIG. She is executive editor of the Journal of Moral Education.

She is a fellow of the American Psychological Association and the American Educational Research Association. She also writes a popular blog for Psychology Today called Moral Landscapes.

Dr. Diane Woodworth

Dr. Diane Woodworth

Superintendent, Goshen Community Schools

Dr. Woodworth has been with Goshen Community Schools for 12 years. She first served GCS as an assistant superintendent, and has been the Superintendent for the past 5 years.
Prior to coming to Goshen, she worked in two other districts as a high school math teacher, a guidance counselor, and a principal.

Diane grew up in a nearby town and enjoyed working at a school in her home community for several years, but something drew her to Goshen. “I was always interested in what was going on in Goshen educationally,” she said. “They were educationally progressive, always doing things for kids, like alternative programs for at-risk kids and new literacy programs.”

Diane is now continuing the good work started by a line of outstanding Goshen superintendents.

Josh Finch

Managed Services Consultant

Josh is a Managed Services Consultant at Intrasect Technologies, in Warsaw, Indiana, a place he’s proud to call home.
When he’s not at work, Josh is mastering the art of gardening but claims the deer near his home have the upper hand.

He graduated from Taylor University with degrees in Business Management and Marketing. Josh was an athlete in college and continues to love the every opportunity to be outdoors as well as sports. Josh and his wife, Rebekah, have an adorable son named Everett.

Chris Good

Director of Finance and Operations

Chris is a finance and operations guy with extensive experience in the recreational vehicle manufacturing industry.
His leadership skills led him CFO and Operations Director positions. Outside the office, he and his wife, Lindsay, own and operate Urban Swirl of Goshen.

Chris’ experience with corporate leadership training sparked an interest in similar training for youth and youth-serving organizations. Chris is an accounting graduate from Goshen College.

Dr. Kristie Cerling

Associate Dean, College of Education and Behavioral Sciences, Houston Baptist University


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